Projects, tasks and sessions

Timmy's architecture is based on these 3 concepts. Every projects you create may contain one or more tasks and each task contains one or more sessions. Timmy calculates the time you spend on these sessions. With a single "start task my task name" command, Timmy will start the timer for a new session on this task. When you're done working on the task and you want to stop the timer, you just have to write, well, "stop".

Projects and tasks are multi-user (Timmy's select club members only)

One neat feature for Timmy's select club members is that they can add other users to their projects. That way, all the tasks in the said project are shared between the collaborators and, if they want, they can all work on the same task at the same time!

No additional signup required

Although you can sign up on the website and gain access to additional features, tracking your time with Timmy doesn't require you to remember another user name and password. Once you're connected to the Jabber network, you just have to add Timmy as your friend and let him track your time for you!

Timmy is always online

Timmy is addicted to the Internet. He's always online. This means that as long as your Jabber client is connected, you can chat with him.